Invest in Italy

We find the best opportunity and help you managing the bureaucratic procedures to get your visa.
Starting from May 2020, the minimum investment amount to obtain an investor visa is 250,000 Euros.

Why invest in Italy

It is very likely that you are one of the many people who love Italy, a country full of natural and cultural wonders, boasting millennia of history, which is the motherland of iconic products contributing to creating the “Italian style”, appreciated worldwide. Italy is a great choice for travelling but it’s even a better place to live.

Moreover investing in a genuine Italian company would allow you to gain experience in trading a Made in Italy product, which represents an incomparable added value to the investment, independently to the sector you will invest in.

Draghi Government, good COVID management and international successes in sports: a strong contribution to the economic and financial value of the Italian brand

Nation Brands 2021 – The annual report on the most valuable and strongest national brands places Italy in 9th place in the world ranking of national brands sorted by economic and financial value originating from image & reputation.
The economic and financial value of the Italian brand is estimated at 1,985 billion dollars, with a growth of 12% compared to last year. This figure indicates a much faster growth than the average of the G20 countries (6%) and it suggests a further improvement for the next year.
The country’s image and reputation also play a major role in the field of foreign investments. In fact, not only consumers are influenced by the rational and emotional characteristics of a commercial brand, but also foreign investors are more likely to invest or start a business in a country that has a high international reputation.
The strong growth in the value of the Italian brand is currently due to several factors, mainly including the leadership of Prime Minister Mario Draghi; the 2021 good management of the covid emergency; the numerous international successes in sports (Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics, European football and volleyball championships, cycling world championships, Wimbledon); and finally, also the global success of the rock band Måneskin.
All these positive results have progressively increased the climate of confidence in Italy, including both consumers and companies, which has reached the highest recorded level since 2005, when ISTAT began recording these statistics. For instance, according to a recent estimate by Brand Finance, the victory of the National Team in the UEFA European Football Championship alone will add € 4 billion to the Italian GDP. The confidence the Italians have in their excellence, who normally have a low opinion of their potential, generates a virtuous effect that leads to an improvement in the international perception of the performance of the Italian system which adds to the Draghi effect and other international successes.
The assessment of the Brand Finance Nation Brands 2021 could not take into account most of the Italian successes of 2021, therefore these will be recorded in the next survey. If the economic growth indicators are confirmed and the government manages to intervene on the most critical factors, such as bureaucracy, justice, and the problems in doing business, the 2022 report will probably put the Italian brand at the top ranks.

Visa for investors and favorable tax break

This is the right time for investing in Italy! The 2017 Budget Law introduces in the Immigration Law a new “entry visa for investors” which will entitle foreign investors an advantageous treatment, only provided that they will carry out a durable investment in Italy or a large donation involving benefits for Italian culture and research. The decree-law 19 May 2020, n. 34, reduced the minimum investment amount in the capital of an ordinary company from EUR 1,000,000 to 500,000, and from EUR 500,000 to 250,000 if in the capital of an innovative startup, respectively.
Investors and golden donors seeking to conduct their business activity in Italy will be allowed to enter and stay in Italy, initially for two years with the possibility of a three more years extension. The visa is also extendable to family members.

Moreover, if you move your fiscal residence to Italy you’ll also have a very favorable tax break applied only on the income earned abroad. This treatment is valid for a fifteen years-long period.

Getting your visa is easy and quick: is the service created to help you in selecting the best investment or donation opportunity and managing all the bureaucratic procedures for both visa and residence permit.

30 April 2019 – The Italian Government issues The Growth Act: A ten-year tax reduction for non-EU entrepreneur and investors ready to move to Italy to invest and work.

July 2020 – Also Italy allure foreign retirees who want to choose a country other than their own to spend their old age there. How? With a sharp tax reduction on all income generated abroad; not only on pensions but also, for example, on real estate income, equity profits, annuities, etc. The tax on all these incomes will be 7% for ten years.

Visa for self-employment/business owner and “ITC” visa

Investor Visa Italy extends the “investor visa” program to the new proposals for the purchase of industrial, artisanal, and commercial properties.

This type of investment is aimed at:
1) Non-EU entrepreneurs (individuals) who want to set up their own business in Italy and obtain an entry visa and a residence permit for “self-employment/entrepreneur”;
2) Non-EU companies that want to establish an office or a branch in Italy and obtain an entry visa and an “ITC” residence permit for their managers or partners.

There are more than 100 properties which are located in all regions of Italy.
Investment amounts range from a minimum of EUR 500,000 and, in some cases, may exceed EUR 10 million.