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Starting from May 2020, the minimum investment amount to obtain an investor visa is 250,000 Euros.

Why invest in Italy – 2020

It is very likely that you are one of the many people who love Italy, a country full of natural and cultural wonders, boasting millennia of history, which is the motherland of iconic products contributing to creating the “Italian style”, appreciated worldwide. Italy is a great choice for travelling but it’s even a better place to live.

Let’s have a look at some figures.

Italy is one of the top 10 largest economies in the world and the 3rd largest national economy in the Eurozone, the 2nd for manufacturing economy in EU, the 8th in the world with its $ 1,988.64 billion (GDP Ranking 2019-2024). According to EU Commission criteria guidelines on SME (Small Medium Enterprises or PMI), in 2019 there were 156,754 SMEs in Italy, employing between 50 and 250 employees each, with a turnover from €2mln to €50mln per year or from €2mln to €43mln in capital gains.

The slowdown in the economy has not affected the process of strengthening the economic and financial fundamentals of SMEs, which has now lasted for many years. Although in 2019 the volumes of trade still remain weak (+ 2.5% compared to 2018).  They are expected to become stronger in 2020 (+3.6 on an annual average during 2020-2022). This will support our exports along with relative improvement in price competitiveness, they will advance at a pace of 4.3% on average in the next three years. This will come close to the € 500 billion share already in 2020 (SACE SIMEST – Export Karma – Report 2019).

The economic and financial scores of the Cerved PMI 2019 Report, which measure the structural strength of Italian SMEs understood as the ability to generate sufficient cash flows to repay the debts contracted show that after an intense selection process triggered by the crisis that has seen the exit of thousands of companies with fragile fundamentals from the market, Italian SMEs have started a phase of strong improvement in risk profiles and the economic and financial profile of SMEs today shows a clear structural strengthening. SMEs which have often been “accused” of an insufficient level of capitalization and excessive dependence on bank debt, have in fact embarked on a virtuous path of increasing capitalization and reducing indebtedness, which has changed its financial structure thus increasing its solidity and strengthening risk profile.

The Brand Finance Annual Report 2019 stated Ferrari as the strongest brand in the world also listing 9 Italian Companies among the Top 500 valuable brands in the world. This recognition shows there are market sectors where Italy historically and traditionally excels, such as the Italians boat builders that are in the top three positions in the same order as last year in global orders ranking (Boat International – 2019 Global Order Book). Italy has shown the same level of excellence in other sectors such as nanotech, chemical and aerospace technology (ex. Drill for ExoMars 2020 – ESA Mission).

Moreover our researchers and research institutes are prominent in many areas of knowledge with 5 Italian Universities in the top 250 Universities in the world for the year 2020,  Italy has a total of 54 sites included in the list of UNESCO World Heritage. Italy is the first country in the World – just before China, Spain, and France – with 49 cultural and 5 natural sites that put it in 1st place for Cultural Influence and Heritage.  USNews Overall Best Countries Ranking confirms Italy in top position as a cultural guide in Europe and around the World also for 2020.

Remarkable point: the Italian National Health Service is 9th in the world for quality, after Iceland, Norway, the Netherlands, Luxembourg, Australia, Finland, Switzerland and Sweden (“Global Burden of Disease (GDB) Study” – The Lancet Public Health)

Italy can also boast several little-known facts which are genuine records such as the oldest Botanical Garden in the World, established in Parma in the year 1545; the oldest apothecary in Europe, opened in Florence and dates back to 1221; the oldest library in the World, founded in Verona in the year 517; the oldest Western University, founded in Bologna in the year 1096 still today in full operation and among the best Universities in Italy; the oldest bank in the World, which is still operative Monte dei Paschi di Siena established in 1472; according to the Guinness Book of World Records the city of Ferrara has the first winehouse opened in 1435 and currently in full operation; the oldest family business company in Europe which is also one of the oldest in the World making handmade bells…

For all these reasons and much more, maybe you are considering investing in Italy and getting the visa to stay.

Visa for investors and favorable tax break

This is the right time for investing in Italy! The 2017 Budget Law introduces in the Immigration Law a new “entry visa for investors” which will entitle foreign investors an advantageous treatment, only provided that they will carry out a durable investment in Italy or a large donation involving benefits for Italian culture and research. The decree-law 19 May 2020, n. 34, reduced the minimum investment amount in the capital of an ordinary company from EUR 1,000,000 to 500,000, and from EUR 500,000 to 250,000 if in the capital of an innovative startup, respectively.
Investors and golden donors seeking to conduct their business activity in Italy will be allowed to enter and stay in Italy, initially for two years with the possibility of a three more years extension. The visa is also extendable to family members.

Moreover, if you move your fiscal residence to Italy you’ll also have a very favorable tax break applied only on the income earned abroad. This treatment is valid for a fifteen years-long period.

Getting your visa is easy and quick: is the service created to help you in selecting the best investment or donation opportunity and managing all the bureaucratic procedures for both visa and residence permit.

30 April 2019 – The Italian Government issues The Growth Act: A ten-year tax reduction for non-EU entrepreneur and investors ready to move to Italy to invest and work.

July 2020 – Also Italy allure foreign retirees who want to choose a country other than their own to spend their old age there. How? With a sharp tax reduction on all income generated abroad; not only on pensions but also, for example, on real estate income, equity profits, annuities, etc. The tax on all these incomes will be 7% for ten years.