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All our investment proposals are linked to the procedures for obtaining an entry visa in Italy.
This does not exclude that the investor can make an investment without asking for an entry visa.

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This catalog lists proposals:
– from Italian companies whose shareholders will transfer all the shares (stock capital) to the investor;
– from Italian companies seeking an investor partner (an investment of at least one million euros in their capital or at least five hundred thousand euros in an innovative start-up).
The investor will be able to request an investor visa (see details).


A catalog of castles, villas, palaces, historical villages and other projects of public interest in cultural heritage, scientific research, education, immigration management, that can receive a donation, of at least one million euros, for their promotion or restoration, or realization.

The donor will be able to request an investor visa (see details).

Patents & Inventions

A catalog of patents and inventions for sale.

Note: These sale proposals are NOT connected in any way to the entry visa procedures. These are business operations that regard the purchase of patents and inventions and DO NOT give the buyer the right to request an entry visa for investors or any other type of entry visa.

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