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Is this legit?2017-08-01T09:55:05+00:00

Of course! The 2017 Budget Law introduces in the Immigration Law a new “entry visa for investors” which will entitle foreign investors to a favorable treatment, only provided that they will carry out a durable investment in Italy or a large donation involving benefits for Italian culture and research.

What’s the purpose of your services?2017-08-01T09:56:28+00:00

InvestorVisa.it goal is to facilitate the matching between foreign investors and worthy companies according to our standards and to assist the investor along the entire bureaucratic visa-taking process.

Is Jusweb a recognized company?2020-10-12T15:16:21+00:00

InvestorVisa.it is a new service of Jusweb srl, that is a company established in 2003 and located in Viterbo, the capital city of Tuscia, Nothern Lazio. It operates on a national level in the judicial publishing industry through the periodical Immigrazione.it online since 2005, concerning the fields of international law, national law, and European Union law, focusing on foreigners’ condition and international mobility of the individual. Since its first publication, the periodical has been chosen by the Italian Ministry of Interior as a tool for revision for officers of Border Police, Police Headquarters, and Immigration Offices.
Jusweb is registered in ROC (the Italian register of communication operators) and is authorized to conduct online consulting and services just Law n. 4/2013

Why should I use InvestorVisa.it?2017-08-01T09:57:54+00:00

Because we select our companies based only on the potential of their projects and we believe in their capability of generating a virtuous investment for both the investor and the company itself. Likewise, we carefully choose the donees: most of them are public bodies, which provide the highest possible guarantee of the proper implementation of the donation. Our aim is to support their ideas, and the best way to prove it is to present them as an opportunity for those who can seize them.

What kind of investment or donation is required?2020-05-21T15:15:26+00:00

A minimum investment of EUR 500,000 is required for the investments in the companies and for the donations; EUR 250,000 for the investment in the new start-up companies. (The decree-law 19 May 2020, n. 34, reduced the minimum investment amount from 1,000,000 to 500,000 and from 500,000 to 250,000 respectively).
All the investments in a company have to be underwritings as a shareholder, with a participation to be agreed with current shareholders.
There’s a third investment opportunity: the purchase of a farm or other firm. This possibility, though, is reserved for those who already are entrepreneurs in their Country and are eligible for a self-employment – entrepreneur visa.

What kind of controls are made on the origin of the investment?2019-10-28T07:45:46+00:00

The Financial intelligence unit of the Bank of Italy and the Italian Consulate are responsible for the verifications of the origin of the investment and the anti-money laundering monitoring.

Can my company invest or donate on my behalf?2020-09-14T06:47:21+00:00

Yes: Starting from September 2020, the Italian government decided to strengthen the policies for attracting foreign investments and extended the issuance of the investor visa also to legal representatives of non-EU companies investing in Italian companies.

Can I invest in more than one project?2017-08-01T10:09:38+00:00

Of course. The investor is free to invest in or donate to one or more projects at the same time.

What happens after the first contact with the company?2017-08-01T10:12:45+00:00

After the first meeting, the parties can conduct the negotiations in full autonomy.
The investor may decide to meet the managers of the companies personally. In this case, if you belong to a Country with a visa requirement, Jusweb will provide assistance to request a short-term visa for tourism or business. The cost of this service will be disclosed separately.

What happens after the first agreement?2017-08-01T10:15:39+00:00

After the first agreement, Jusweb will start the procedure for the visa for the investor.

What happens if I withdraw my offer?2017-08-01T10:19:15+00:00

It depends on which stage of the negotiation you decide to withdraw the offer. If it happens before the signing of the contract there won’t be any kind of legal consequences.
Otherwise, if the contract is signed there could be legal consequences which depend from the terms of the contract concluded between the parts. If during this period of time the visa or the residence permit is released by the authority, it will be revoked.

Can Jusweb offer professional services during the negotiation? Are they included in the amount of the investment?2017-08-01T10:23:10+00:00

By request, during the negotiation Jusweb can provide legal assistance, interpretation and translation services. The fee for these additional provisions is not included in the rate amounts.

What are the costs associated with the services offered by Jusweb?2020-09-14T06:48:06+00:00

No cost. Only in some particular investments, expressly indicated, the investor will have to pay a success fee after the conclusion of the deal.

I am not entrepreneur and I would like to buy a farm or another company from your catalog. Can I apply for a self-employment visa?2018-02-07T07:53:03+00:00

You can buy a farm or a company but you will not be eligible for a visa and a residence permit for self-employment which are reserved for entrepreneurs.

How much does buying a firm from your catalog cost?2017-08-04T09:30:25+00:00

The entrepreneur who wants to purchase a firm to start its business in Italy must be aware that the minimum investment is EUR 500,000 and that the business should create at least 3 new job positions. In addition to the purchase price, the buyer will be charged with:

  • EUR 1,000 for access to the preliminary services (legal and fiscal advice, web conference meeting with the real estate agency representing the owner, multi lingual assistance);
  • The fee for assistance in visa application and residence permits, to be determined according to the number of visas requests (including those for relatives);
  • A percentage of the purchase price of the firm to be paid to the real estate agency which represents the owner. In any case, the percentage indicated by the agency itself will be less than 2%;
  • The notary service and the fees for the transfer of ownership that will be budgeted by the notary.
What happens when I arrive in Italy to sign the contract?2017-08-01T12:47:29+00:00

Upon visa issue, the investor or the patron may enter Italy. Within eight days of entry, the residence permit may be requested through Jusweb. The investor or patron then has three months to stipulate the notarized document. In this period of time Jusweb is available to help the investor for doubts or problems during the stay.

What I have to do when I arrive? How many days can I stay in Italy?2017-08-01T12:43:58+00:00

Non-EU citizens in possession of a National Visa (NV) for sojourns longer than 90 days are required, within eight (8) days from entry into Italy to request a residence permit (permesso di soggiorno) from the Italian Questura (State Police Headquarters), and will be subject to photo/fingerprint registration. This residence permit, which is issued for the reason and for the period indicated on the visa, authorizes an alien to sojourn in Italy for a period of two years.

Can I donate or invest with the assistance of my lawyer?2017-08-01T12:51:09+00:00

It is certainly possible to be assisted by a lawyer, but the Italian law provides that these operations are carried out with a notarial act. In both cases, therefore, the assistance of an Italian notary will be required.

Not what you’re looking for?2019-07-04T14:07:46+00:00

You’re looking for a donation or an investment opportunity in Italy, but you didn’t find one of your interest in our Showcases? Contact us, and we’ll find the perfect one for you!

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