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Large donations / Golden donor

Our services for donations in projects and initiatives in the fields of culture, education, immigration management, research, restoration of cultural heritage and landscape

Have you decided to make an important donation as a patron of the arts or other fields?

If you are not exactly sure where to place your investment, we can suggest various opportunities among which you can choose to suit your requirements and your needs. Once you have made your choice, we can put you in contact with the director of the arts or other cultural project or a trusted professional (notary, agency, accountant, or lawyer) so you can conduct all the aspects of the financial operation. Upon arranging the agreement, we can assist you in requesting your entry visa. Once you have obtained a visa you can enter Italy and within three months you will have to finalize your donation.

No tax on donations from abroad
In the case of a donation of money by a foreign national resident abroad or by a company with its registered office abroad made in favor of an association or body resident in Italy, no tax has to be paid. To obtain this tax benefit, it is necessary to prove that the money donated comes from a bank account of a foreign institution (Revenue Agency, Answer No 7 of 12/01/2024).

The financial operation will be guaranteed by a deed, before a notary public with two witnesses. Suppose you do not have your own notary. In that case, you can choose among notaries we can refer to based on their experience and knowledge of transnational operations, one for each region in Italy. A notary deed is a fundamental document that shows that all conditions required by the law have been satisfied. We will look after the request for your residence permit.

If you already know in which project you will make a donation, and you have already chosen the professionals to conduct the operation, our services will give you assistance in requesting your visa and your residence permit.