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Legal publishing, Continuing professional development courses, Legal advice, and services
on immigration and international movement of persons

Jusweb Srl is a company established in 2003 and located in Viterbo, the capital city of Tuscia, northern Lazio. It operates on a national level in the judicial publishing industry through the periodical Immigrazione.it online since 2005, concerning the fields of international law, national law, and European Union law, focusing on foreigners’ condition and international mobility of the individual. Since its first publication, the periodical has been chosen by the Italian Ministry of Interior as a tool for revision for officers of Border Police, Police Headquarters, and Immigration Offices. Jusweb is registered in ROC and is authorized to conduct online consulting and services just Law n° 4 /2013.

It also holds accredited training programs for professionals, such as notaries, lawyers, certified public accountants, and journalists. Since 2010 these programs are available on the platform FormazioneWebTV.it, the first in Italy to provide interactive live-streaming lectures and seminars.

Jusweb provides non-Italian citizens advice in regard to entry and residence in Italy. Among its services, it deals with web marketing and communication.

InvestorVisa.it is a service launched by Jusweb in August 2017 to help investors and patrons in selecting the best investment or donation opportunity and managing all the bureaucratic procedures for both visa and residence permit. It is managed by the staff (including our editorial staff and teachers) in collaboration with experts listed below

Meet the Team

Raffaele Miele
Raffaele MieleJusweb CEO
Journalist, founder and director of the magazines Immigrazione.it and InvestorVisa ITALY – News, opportunities and guidelines for foreign investors.
Formerly: Deputy Secretary-General of the Viterbo Chamber of Commerce; Director of the Criminalpol Crime Prevention Department – Ministry of the Interior; Deputy director of the Immigration service – Ministry of the interior; Director of the State Police Immigration Office in Viterbo; Director of the State Police Commisariat in Spoleto; Director of the State Police Investigative team in Verona.
Manuella Miele
Manuella MieleJusweb CFO
Graduated in Law. Organiser of seminars and congress for professionals (notaries, attorneys, business consultants). She is the office administrator for the InvestorVisa project.
Luca Serpieri
Luca SerpieriStudio Serpieri & Associati
Corporate consultant since ’92. Dealing with trust since ’99, he is a member of the association “Il trust in Italia”. As an accredited professional he’s also a lecturer for courses and Master degrees, author of articles and other works.
Alessia Voinich
Alessia VoinichLawyer
She is a qualified Italian lawyer (Avvocato) registered with the Bar Council of Trieste.
Alessia holds a Ph.D. in Legal Science, curriculum of Comparative, International and European Union Law, from the University of Udine and the University of Trieste.
Her current practice covers a wide range of different areas affected by European Union Law, including Immigration and Asylum (free movement of services and persons, international protection) and Corporate Law (governance and sustainability).
She is the head of legal research for the online magazine Immigrazione.it.
Giulia Proietti
Giulia ProiettiCivil Law Notary
Ph.D. in Business Law and Economics; US and Italian Attorney at Law; specialized in Commercial Law, Real Estate, Trusts, Social Entrepreneurship, Non-Profit Organisations, and Benefit Corporation.
Has been counseling and assisting internationally start-ups and corporations for the last five years in Italy and in the US. She is the founder and President of Equoevento, the first organization fighting food waste at events.
She is also the Investor Visa Italy Magazine Editor and Coordinator.
Massimo Cassibba
Massimo CassibbaEngineer
President of the commission “Urban and cadastral building procedures” at the Order of Engineers of the Province of Rome.
Technical Consultant (CTP and CTU) at the Court of Rome.
A freelance professional working in construction and civil works for renovations, new constructions, building, and cadastral practices, specializing in appraisals, technical advice, and teaching for technicians.
Expert in property management, sales, construction supervision, safety in the design and execution phase.
Nazlı Birgen
Nazlı BirgenInterpreter
Born in Turkey, she resides and works in Italy since 2003, specializing herself in translation, interpretation, and consultancy services. She graduated with honours in Modern European Languages and Literatures from the University of Florence (Italy) and practices as a consecutive and simultaneous interpreter (Turkish/English/Italian) within the scope of study visits for EU projects implemented by public and private bodies, high-level institutional and business meetings, summits, cultural and diplomatic events realized by the major national and international organizations; EU project consultant; editorial and legal translator.
Rosalia Mieses Lasen
Rosalia Mieses LasenInterpreter
Professor of Language and Translation (Spanish) at Università della Tuscia, Viterbo.
National leader and Responsible of the Dominican Community in Italy.
Representative of National Council for the Dominican Communities Abroad (CONDEX).
Caterina Pascale
Caterina PascaleInterpreter
She has had extensive professional experience in the international scenario with large companies such as Telecom Italia, European Union Projects, Italian Chamber of Foreign Commerce, Senate of the Republic, Italian Parliament and others. She has participated in activities in various countries and has expert ability in intercultural and multi-lingual communication.
Madoka Sotoma
Madoka SotomaInterpreter
Freelance translator: Italian-Japanese and English-Japanese. Born in Japan, lived in the US and now she lives and works in Italy since 1999. Graduated in foreign languages at Kansai Foreign Language University (Osaka, Japan).
Gangyi Zhao
Gangyi ZhaoInterpreter
Specialist in Chinese and Italian, she graduated with honor in Modern Languages for International Communication (Roma), took part in several business and governmental conferences and international fairs; now she collaborates with law firms and accountants as interpreter and translator.

Notary Network

The civil law notary is a public officer to whom the Italian State has entrusted the task of producing all deeds between living persons as well as last wills and testaments and endowing such documents with public trust. In addition to family relationships, on which he or she is among the leading experts, and questions of succession, the notary is involved in many areas, including: real estate conveyancing (purchase and sale of homes, offices, land, warehouses, workshops, donations, subdivisions, mortgages, etc.); important changes in company structure, whether it be a one-person firm or a corporate entity (constitution and winding up, amendments to the bylaws of the company, sale and leasing of businesses, etc.).

If you are not in contact with an Italian notary, we can notify you of a notary who, in addition to his/her specific professional skills, speaks English fluently or has a team able to understand and receive the will of English speaking clients.