Project Description

Sale of 100% of the shares in a company that owns a project to build a wind farm in Sardinia (57.6 MWp)

The project is ready for the construction phase

All information will be provided to the investor or nominated professional who will be able to provide references as to the availability of the necessary funds.

Below is the outline information:
N. AEROGENERATORS: No. 9 wind turbines, at an average altitude between 459 and 656 metres a.s.l.
LOCATION: Sardinia, province of Sassari
PRACTICE STATUS: authorisations will be issued in June 2024.
PROJECT COST: over ten million euro
CONSTRUCTION COST: an outline estimate is available
ANNUAL PRODUCTION: 200 million kilowatts = approximately € 20,000,000

Ask for more

Please inquire for more details and location directly to the Investor Visa Italy’s director:, highlighting the proposal ID number (24-011); this is a brief description as the hotel is being marketed discreetly but we are willing to share more information with the trustable investor.
We are committed to the highest level of privacy.

Project Details

Cat: Renewable energy
ID: 24-011
REGION: Sardinia