Invest in Italy

You’re close: your project is just some steps ahead

Six steps for making an investment or a donation

All our investment proposals are linked to the procedures for obtaining an entry visa in Italy. This does not exclude that the investor can make an investment without asking for an entry visa.

  1. The investor can register onto the website and select the service desired from the following:
    • investment in a company,
    • donation to an institution or private project towards optimization of historical/artistic heritage or other projects of public interest;
  2. Jusweb will evaluate the request and then authorize free and full access to the Showcases;
  3. If the investor is interested in one or more proposals, Jusweb will give further information and make arrangements for a web conference * with the participation of the company representative or the project director, according to the type of investment chosen. Before the web conference, the investor must sign a confidentiality agreement with Jusweb;
  4. If the preliminary meeting is successful, the parties can arrange for further negotiation among themselves;
  5. Once an agreement has been finalized, the investor can confer to Jusweb the task of starting the procedures in obtaining clearance (Nulla Osta) and the Visa from Italian Embassy. The fee for handling entry visa and residence permit is to be paid;
  6. Upon visa issue, the investor or the patron may enter Italy. Within eight days of entry, the residence permit may be requested through Jusweb. The investor or patron then has three months to stipulate the notarized document.

The web conference can be held in Italian or in English. Jusweb will provide an interpreter for English, where needed. If the investor speaks Arabic, Chinese, French, Japanese, Russian or Spanish, an interpreter will be provided as well.