Project Description

Industrial wastewater “Project Waterwaste ST O2”. Also suitable for reducing radioactivity


The result achieved in this project concerns the treatment of industrial wastewater generated by processes with large use of water; through a physical, non-invasive source, capable of an ST action, space-time of a few minutes instead of months required for the recovery of the water’s ability to re-enter oxygen and eliminate harmful toxic elements such as heavy metals and other pollutants.
Detoxification results through the transmutation of pollutants reduced to non-harmful particles and in particular reduction of the COD (oxygen demand) particular parameter indicated and controlled by laboratories around the world in Italy in particular as ARPA territorial etc.
The Waterwaste ST plant can be equipped with an accessory such as a serpentine “binary coil” designed to reduce radioactivity on liquid waste, in order to obtain a reduction in the radiative index.

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Project Details

Cat: Patents/Inventions
ID: PI-001

Amount: EUR 700,000
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