Project Description

An Italian family-business chocolate brand, ready to grow!

About the Company

Able to combine industrial production with Italian chocolate manufacturing know-how, this chocolate brand represents a brilliant example of strength in the Italian Companies scenario, built by an experienced entrepreneur with love for chocolate business and local traditions.

Located in an area renowned for the Italian production of chocolate, the Company does high-quality handcrafted chocolates in the respect of the most authentic tradition, selecting high-quality chocolate beans. Production includes pralines, chocolate bars, chocolate boxes, candied fruit, specialties, and gluten-free.

The company produces high-quality artisanal chocolates with passion, always respecting the most authentic confectionery tradition of the area, combining tradition with the innovation of advanced technologies.

The Company is fully operational and guarantees income: In 2021 an average annual operating cost around EUR 900,000 against an annual sales volume of more than EUR 1,100,000 MLN.
The company also has full ownership of a 2,000 sqm building where the factory is located, now even free from bank mortgage. The value of the property and machinery is estimated at € 1.4 million.

Organization chart

For 30,000 kg/year production:

  • Factory: 4 permanent workers (8 months/year for 4,800.00 hours/year)
  • Administration: 1 unit
  • Sales: 1 unit
  • Food safety, standards production control: 1 unit


The company has already built a strong brand in the actual reference market and current volume gives interesting revenue.
Now its target is to expand, therefore needs to increase productivity optimizing the existing production pipeline and workforce, as well as to restructure and implement the existing sales network.
The marketing strategy also includes a strong promotional campaign through media and social media to support expansion.

Investment proposal

Amount: EUR 500,000 up to 2.5 MLN

Investment: amount of shares on sale subject to negotiation.

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Project Details

Cat: Food Industry
ID: I1-006
REGION: Umbria