Project Description

Be a Patron of an annual award to be assigned to non-EU foreign citizens in Italy

Proposal Description

The purpose regards the establishment of an annual award, entitled to the patron, to be assigned, for two years, to foreign citizens in Italy (of the same nationality of the patron) who have been particularly excelling in their activity field.

In particular, the award will be assigned, every year, to successful foreign citizens in five specific fields (entrepreneurship, study, arts, science and social activities) and will consist not only in a plaque of honour but especially in a consistent cash price, so as to let such successful foreign citizens to empower the realization of their talents (concerning study, for example, it would be a scholarship to enable students to continue their formative path in excelling Schools and Universities, even abroad; concerning science, a cash price enabling the winner in perfecting his competences within Institutes or high level research contexts; concerning entrepreneurship, a price enabling the winner to extend and strengthen his activity, eventually even abroad, and so on).

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Project Details

Cat: Immigration Integration Policies
ID: D3-001

Amount: EUR 1,000,000