Project Description

Northern Italy: a Company in the Luxury Art & Design sector for over 40 years

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A company that has been operating in the Luxury Art and Design sector for over 40 years, boasting countless collaborations with the most important designers in the world. The company saw its production peak between the late 90s and early 2000s thanks to the numerous collections of silver and Murano glass. In the following years, a gradual reduction of the company’s business was planned in favor of projects that could develop the artistic and cultural side of the company, also because the family that owned the company had and has ample economic resources such as to allow a comfortable standard of living regardless of the company income. This justifies a progressive reduction in turnover.

Today the property wants to relaunch the brand with a business development plan that includes a first rebranding phase. This process will allow the company to modernize and enhance its identity to adapt and get closer to new competitive scenarios and its target customers. Most planned activities will promote the company’s main Core Businesses related to the Design, Art and Jewelry sector: Jewels, Silver, Watches, Pens, Ceramics, Glasses, Furnishings, and Eyeglasses.

The main reference markets of the company are identified in Italy, France, the United States, China, and South Korea.
The company intends to involve an external investor in order to support solid business growth both nationally and internationally guided by the experience of the current owner and all the main activities described in a reserved company business plan.
The business model is based on the creation of new B2B sales channels through participation in fairs, industry events, and institutional projects in the world of jewelry, art, and design. Thanks to its historical know-how and its reference channels, the company also wants to develop a specific series of events and artistic/cultural collaborations to become an active part of the “Saudi Vision 2030” project.

Objective: to structure a solid network of partners and dealers in the main areas of reference both nationally and internationally. At the same time, B2C sales will be implemented through online platforms and reference multimedia channels together with the creation of “formats” aimed at promoting the brand and developing confidential negotiations for high-profile customers.

Objective: to increase the recognition and desirability of the brand in the luxury clientele for jewelry, artistic creations, and valuable furnishing objects. Investments in activities and the development of new products in the first 3 years will aim to lead the company towards a consolidation of the international growth plan with the goal to reach € 2.5 M in 2024, € 5 M by 2025 and € 7 M by 2026.

It is essential to have the presence of partners who can perceive the real development potential of this brand, totally Made in Italy.

Investment proposal

The participation formula of a potential investor is based on the following proposals:
acquisition of 60% of the company shares or acquisition of 30% of the company shares

Private negotiation

To receive complete information please write to Mr Raffaele Miele, director of (, providing the ID number of this investment proposal (AD-005).

Proposal Details

Cat: Art & Design
ID: AD-005
REGION: Northern Italy