4 10, 2019

Italian start-ups land in Israel to attend one of the biggest events on technological innovation

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Tel Aviv is one of the world premiere hotspots for start-ups and entrepreneurs interested in investing in the future. Thanks to the effort of ICE’s network, twelve Italian start-ups, and two business incubators attended the tenth edition of Tel Aviv Innovation Festival, which [...]

2 10, 2019

Italian culture is alive and well. Innovation and growth expectations fuel optimism

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Italian cultural industries are brimming with optimism and constantly looking towards what the future will offer. Young, dynamic and ready to invest: this description comes straight from the new report, curated by Intesa Sanpaolo, on the situation of Italian creative enterprises. The survey [...]

16 09, 2019

Italy as the world’s chef: Italian cuisine is the most appreciated in the world

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Italian food culture knows no trade deficit. According to a recent paper by Joel Waldfogel of the University of Minnesota, Italy is at the top of the global food chain, at least when it comes to exporting its cuisine abroad. Italian dominance is [...]

6 09, 2019

Italy’s new government sworn-in following a new pro-EU coalition

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After last month political crisis, Italy finally has a new government. Following the withdrawal of Matteo Salvini’s League party, his former partner, the Five Star Movement, and the Democratic Party reached an agreement to support a new executive, still led by Giuseppe Conte [...]

29 08, 2019

Italy and Japan. Booming trade thanks to the FTA and new agreements in high tech

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Since the start of 2019, Japan and Italy, and the European Union as a whole, got closer together more than anyone could expect in such a short time. Amidst trade wars, and protectionist fever dreams, Tokyo and Brussels saw their Free Trade Agreement [...]

28 08, 2019

Lombardy leading Italian emblematic products exports. New developments in wine and fashion trade

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Lombardy is still the leading Italian region when it comes to international trade and economic growth. Moreover, it does not limit itself to just one sector, thanks to its multifaceted strengths. Led by Milan, a world-renowned hub due to its annual Fashion Week, [...]

26 08, 2019

Donations of money from foreign investors are tax-exempt

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Under Italian tax regulations, donations of goods are subject to variable taxation, ranging from 2% to 8% of the donation’s value, depending on the relationship between the donor and the donee. However, according to article 2 of Legislative Decree 346 of 1990, [...]

22 07, 2019

Italy and China to boost economic relationship thanks to new commercial partnerships

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Italy and China keep on developing their commercial relationship. On July 15, Deputy Prime Minister Luigi Di Maio met with the Secretary of Tianjin Communist Party, Li Hongzhong. During their encounter, seven commercial partnerships were signed, proving once again that the valued bilateral [...]

19 07, 2019

Innovative startups and innovative SMEs: Tax incentives 2019 for equity investors

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Innovative Startups A legal definition of “innovative startup” Limited companies (including cooperatives ) new businesses, or operational for less than 5 years HQ in Italy or in another EU country, with at least a production site branch in Italy annual turnover below € [...]

12 07, 2019

Italy registers record low unemployement

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According to the latest Istat report, unemployment in Italy is now at its lowest since February 2012. In fact, the unemployment rate registered in the last month of May dropped to 9.9%, finally under the 10% threshold after seven years. This result depends [...]