Project Description

One of the most exclusive villas in the Mediterranean – Sardinia, Italy

With a prestigious history, this Villa is a symbol of its town. Built on the ruins of an ancient watchtower in around 1880 by Alessandro, the third Count of St. Elia (Elijah) the villa was initially destined to be a hunter’s cabin. In 1917 the quays and surrounding walls were built to ensure the necessary privacy for guests, while between 1918 and 1920 important renovation work was done.
The building took on its shape vaguely inspired by the medieval castle and parkland was created, following the fashion of the time and the aristocratic rank of the family.
1926 The villa thus became a meeting place for the highest society of the epoch; the Romanov Princesses and Italian Royalty were regular guests, in summer to swim in the sea, in winter for hunting.
In 1959 the villa was sold to the family of the current owners.
At the end of 2008, the villa acquired a top-level spa. 1959 1990 Over the course of the years this property has benefited from important, continuous improvements, to the point of being numbered among the “1,000 Places to See Before You Die” Guide (“#1 New York Times bestseller with over 3 million copies in print”).

The hotel is only 10 minutes from the tourist port and 20 minutes from the airport.
The Port manages two quays for the transit of boats measuring up to 50 metres. The overall quay length is 150 linear metres. Both quays are sheltered by the walls of the old town.
The Port also manages around 400 permanent berths for those who wish to moor their vessel throughout the year.

The Villa «Exclusivity» Main building (Liberty-style villa originally belonging to the Counts of St. Elia) situated in a panoramic position on its own promontory, with a gross surface area of approximately 1,950 square meters (about 20,990 sq. ft.).

• 18 rooms, 7 suites, halls, kitchen, store-room, terraces.
• A Spa of approximately 370 square meters (about 3,983 sq. ft.), with fitness and beauty area (with massage cubicles, sun-shower, and Jacuzzi), indoor heated swimming pool, sauna, Turkish bath, fun-shower, Kneipp walk, changing rooms)
• Large parking area « Warehouses, store-rooms, staff changing-rooms, laundry, ironing-room, electricity generator (approximately 100 square meters – about 4,306 sq. ft.)
• Helipad
• Green Park with an area of over 12,500 square meters (134,550 sq. ft. – about 3.09 acres), bordering on the sea to the North, West, and South and facing a public road to the East
• Outdoor swimming pool, changing rooms, and toilets
• State concession of the coast surrounding the property, wet-dock, quays, and part of the town walls. The town is situated in North-West.

The Villa belongs to a company currently on sale.

Investment proposal

Amount: € 27MLN for 100% of company shares.

Please note: given the rapid evolution of the market, the values shown here need to be considered only as a guideline.

Ask for more

Please inquire for more details and location directly to the Investor Visa Italy’s director:, highlighting the proposal ID number (I13-031); this is a brief description as the hotel is being marketed discreetly but we are willing to share more information with the trustable investor.
We are committed to the highest level of privacy.

Proposal Details

Cat: Hotel
ID: I13-031
REGION: Sardinia