Project Description

A historic five-star hotel in Syracuse (Sicily), a World Heritage Site

Ortigia is a small island located in the historical city centre of Siracuse, Sicily, Archimede’s hometown. The island is also known as the Città Vecchia (Old City) and contains many historical landmarks.

Ortigia, being an island just off the coast, was easily transformed into a natural fortress with harbours and was big enough that it could hold a significant population in ancient times. Therefore, the history of Ortigia is synonymous with the early history of Syracuse. The island is an extremely popular place for tourism (over a million tourists a year), shopping, and entertainment but it’s also a residential area.

Syracuse is 60 km from the international airport of Catania (68 main destinations).

This Five Stars Hotel building was built in the late nineteenth century and has now over a hundred years of life. Even though it was completely renovated in 1995, it maintains the original architecture and the charm of the Liberty style. Inside are preserved in perfect condition the Spanish Walls (Bastion Hall) and other archaeological artefacts in the so-called “Small Museum”.

• 58 rooms, including two superior suites and 19 junior suites
• High-class restaurant on the panoramic terrace
• An exclusive beach accessible by the hotel boat
• The hotel and restaurant are open all year
• About 80% of guests are from abroad

Investment proposal

Amount: € 20 MLN for 100% of the shares of the hotel (building and management).

Currently, the hotel is managed by around 30 to 40 employees.
Annual turnover: about three million euros.
Room occupancy rate: 67%.
The rate can easily be increased by management that operates at an international level.

Ask for more

Please inquire for more details and location directly to the Investor Visa Italy’s director:, highlighting the proposal ID number (I13-021); this is a brief description as the hotel is being marketed discreetly but we are willing to share more information with the trustable investor.
We are committed to the highest level of privacy.

Project Details

Cat: Hotel
ID: I13-021
REGION: Sicily