Project Description

A healthier environment to live in!

An innovative startup company (certified UNI EN ISO 9001:2015) that base its business on the high standard of research made by the founder and his team on technological sciences (chemical mainly) integrated with advanced engineering. Various ranges of expertise took the company to focus on developing three projects now ready for industrialization:
– Treatment of industrial wastewater generated by processes with large use of water; through a physical, non-invasive source, capable of results in a very limited period of time;
– Accessory equipment to pulmonary ventilators for the degradation of infected breath, in other words, capable of reducing the infectivity of patient’s respiration;
– Patented device created to eliminate viruses, bacteria and other pollutants from air and surfaces, with new technology and amazing results.

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Project Details

Cat: Bio-medical, R&D
ID: RD-031
REGION: Umbria