Project Description

Generate heat and income at the same time by using the waste heat

Investor Visa Italy is pleased to offer a very interesting investment opportunity in an Italian startup company based in Bolzano.
The company has developed intelligent heating devices that generate cryptocurrencies while heating domestic and commercial environments.

Energy prices are skyrocketing and steadily rising. This is a worldwide problem because high energy prices and the associated bills are becoming increasingly difficult for households and businesses to meet. Gas prices are making heating more and more expensive and people are looking urgently for alternatives. Many also want to switch to sustainable heating which is however very expensive.
Another problem is waste heat, which is constantly increasing due to the power consumption of data centres, computers and blockchain. Despite the increasing efficiency of computing units, the demand for electricity for data centres continues to rise as more and more computing power is needed. The electricity used generates an amount of heat that also needs to be cooled in the large halls. Depending on how the electricity is generated, cooling or heat removal is an additional catalyst for global warming.
This startup company’s goal is to be part of the solution to the world’s current climate problem.

Thinking about the environment and how the crypto-mining process could be made more sustainable, the company came up with a solution. An innovative product that heats the environment sustainably and cost-effectively in the long run if you decentralize the whole system of blockchain and use its waste heat for heating. In short, data centres, computers, and cryptocurrencies could be used to provide heating and hot water to millions of households and businesses. When computing power is used for crypto-mining, the heating generates revenue, the equipment can be depreciated, and eventually, the heating even generates positive cash flow. The negative environmental impact of heat generation is increasing. But instead of trying to dispose of a supposed waste product, one should try to reap the full benefits of a valuable resource.

The Company has developed an electric heater that earns money by mining cryptocurrencies (e.g., Bitcoin) and simultaneously heats the user’s environment. This is possible because they use wasted heat energy. On paper, that is a 100% heating efficiency, with a bonus of free computing power. The device is the first radiator that is intelligent and simultaneously uses the international blockchain in an easy way to set up even for people who are not experts, and compatible with any power outlet in Europe. Due to its high performance, it is able to make heat production financially beneficial.

Investment Proposal

The three founders of the startup company are looking for a financing partner operating in the heating appliances sector.
They are offering 25% of shares for EUR 250,000.

They would also like to maintain a close working relationship with the investor.

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Project Details

Cat: New Tech
ID: N22Y
REGION: South Tyrol