//Taste genuine handmade ‘gelato’ anywhere
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Project Description

Taste genuine handmade gelato anywhere

About the Company and the Project

The Company is an innovative start-up, and its main objective is to provide easy access to the amazing taste of the handmade Italian gelato to people anywhere in the world. The machine was designed with ice cream shops needs in mind: they can use it to expand their market and reaching out to already established commercial venues. The vending machine can be even located on private premises (such as fitness centres or school campuses) or on public ones (railways stations and even on trains itself).

Its strength: a wide range of ice cream options 24/7. It will be the cornerstone of every artisan ice cream shop expansion plan!

* Proposal expiring date: 15/07/2019 *

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Project Details

Cat: Manufacturing
ID: I14-002
REGION: Friuli-Venezia Giulia

Amount: EUR 500,000

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