Project Description

Historical toys brand: a shareholder’s block is now on sale

Type of investment: Buy company shares

About the Company

The toys factory established in middle ‘900 became a leading brand in less than one-year time selling his first licensed mechanical toy able to revolutionise the in-house market. Than many successes came based on the company ability to combine passion, genius and technical skills, investing sources to create and distribute educational toys. The company toys technology became so popular to invade the art field with a masterpiece made by a theme to be shown in International Contemporary Art Galleries, while new products ideas were getting shaped, ready to celebrate new success toys. The Company has collected an impressive amount of international awards because of his educational toys trough nearly one century on the toys market production.

The company’s market current value is more than EUR 20 MLN and shareholder block of shares is now on the market for EUR 6.4 MLN.

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Project Details

Cat: Manufacturing
ID: I14-001
REGION: Piemonte