//Search, book, travel. The new way of camping arrives form Marche.
Search, book, travel. The new way of camping arrives form Marche. 2018-02-26T17:13:29+00:00

Project Description

Search, book, travel. The new way of camping arrives form Marche

About the Company and the Project

This brand new start-up founded in 2017 proposes a new simple innovative way to go camping in privately owned areas: a marketplace of those seeking and offering open spaces to stay. This platform gives owners the chance to rent spaces ‘In the open air’ to those who want to camp and travel by alternative means. The ‘In the open air’ tourism is an itinerary by camper, by caravan, or in a tent towards places that are far from where everyone goes and the usual tourist destinations.

Freestyle tourism is a significant resource for the European continent. According to data available from Eurostat, one tourist out of ten who travelled in the EU28 in 2014, stayed in campsites and stopover areas, within their own country or abroad. This means about 78 million arrivals, out of a total 794 million arrivals in the area (9.8%).

Italy is the third country of destination with 10.6% of the total, after France (26.1%) and the UK (20.3%). (Source: National Report on tourism in freedom, 2016). From the point of view of the clients, the platform is directed towards both categories: owners of areas/spaces ‘In the open air’ and those who are looking for a way to camp and travel in a different way.

Regarding the guests, almost 8 million tourists, both foreigners and Italians, chose Italy in 2014, 2.4% more than in 2013. The total amount of days invoiced were 52.9 million for an amount of almost 2.8 billion euro (Source: National Report on tourism in freedom, 2016).

The average Italian camper tourist is an average 39 years of age, 50% from the northern regions. This age group is a high-level user of IT technology and typical of society. 64% of the campers prefer to travel with their spouses or partners, or other family members and adult relatives (31%).

The European camper profile that visits our country, Germans and French, has an average age that is higher than the Italians, 47-48 years of age. Most of them, 3 out of 4, travel with a spouse or partner and about one fourth with the entire family.

The potential market quantification for owners of rentable spaces was done taking into account the structures that are in the national territory, identified by region:
– high tourist flow ‘In the open air’ (ex. Tuscany, Liguria, Lombardy, Lazio, Veneto)
– lack of receiving structures (ex. Puglia, Campania, Sicily, Sardinia)
– earthquake affected regions (ex. Marche, Abruzzo): for these regions the website could be a tool for relaunching the tourist reception sector.

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Project Details

Cat: Tourism
ID: I13-002
REGION: Marche

Amount: EUR 750,000

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