Project Description

Multipurpose modular devices: give me a brick and I’ll move the Earth

Type of investment: Buy company shares

About the Company and the Project

This is a start-up company (more information on tax incentives for equity investors 2019) founded in 2015. They have brought into the national and international markets two patents after two years of research. The company is now past the seed phase and ready to expand the market with a revolutionary product: small brick-form artificially intelligent blocks that use Bluetooth Low Energy communication to interact with smartphones and tablets through an App.

Each ‘brick’ has a specific function (that can be set by the user). The bricks can be assembled to create a multi-function modular system. You can create quickly: portable devices, wearable, home climate management systems, and much more… there is no limit to the possibilities and no special skills are needed. The internet of things has never been so easy.

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Project Details

Cat: New Tech / Informatics
ID: I11-001
REGION: Tuscany