//Smartphone application for livestock farming management
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Project Description

Smartphone application for livestock farming management

About the Company and the Project

The company aims are to gather data on livestock and conduct an extended data mining activity. It has made an application for breeders which can manage data offline as well, developing and organizing the entire process: from production to sales, and transport. This innovation has positive effects for Governments, International Organizations and private companies that can use the collected information to develop policies, management plans, and commercial operations. The impact on developing countries will be enormous for small breeders and others because they will have access to information that would be unattainable otherwise. They will be connected to other breeders that live in remote areas. The business model foresees a Freemium Plan that allows users to have free use of basic services, while a subscription fee is required for advanced services.

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Project Details

Cat: Agriculture and Food
ID: I1-003
REGION: Abruzzo

Amount: EUR 500,000

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