Project Description

Insects as a sustainable protein source: the future of food and feed

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About the Company and the Project

The start-up company was launched in 2016 with one major goal: feeding the planet.
Trends towards 2050 predict a steady population increase to 9 billion people, thus finding solutions to produce more safe and healthy food in a sustainable way to meet the global population growth is a major challenge for our generation. It is estimated that by 2050, meat production will double, while aquaculture fish production will almost triplicate. The demand for food will cause even greater pressure on the available agro-ecosystems than today. Scarcities of agricultural land, water, forest, fishery, and biodiversity resources, as well as nutrients, are foreseen. At the same time, over 30% of the world’s food production is wasted and sent to landfills or used in composting operations where most nutrients are dispersed. The increasing pressure on limited resources urges society to rethink its handling of organic matter, similar to what has been achieved with glass, metals, and most recently plastics. The ideal situation is that organic material not deemed suitable for food, such as food waste and by-products of food production chains, is upgraded resulting in increased value.
Insects possess great potential to efficiently convert low-quality organic matter into high-value protein and fat. Moreover, compared to livestock animals, rearing insects do not require cultivable land or much water, they produce very little waste and emit little greenhouse gasses, thus represent a promising resource from a sustainability perspective.
Based on such relevant considerations, this company wants to explore and scale up the rearing of insects as a sustainable source of novel ingredients for food and feed applications.

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Project Details

Cat: Food Industry
ID: I1-002
REGION: Marche