Project Description

Insects as a sustainable protein source: the future of food and feed

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About the Company and the Project

Proud member of IPIFF (International Platform of Insects for Food and Feed), this start-up (more information on tax incentives for equity investors 2019) hosted by an incubator in Ancona rises from a need: the need for feeding the planet.
In 2030, 9 billion people will have to be fed, along with the billions of bred animals. To cope with this rising consumption, it is estimated that by 2050 meat production will double, while aquaculture fish production will almost triplicate. At the same time, over 30% of the world’s food production is wasted and sent to landfill or used in composting operations where most nutrients are dispersed.
This is why this Company wants to help ensure that insects are produced as a sustainable source of alternative proteins. While ensuring adequate nutrition to humans and animals, in a sustainable and economical way, two major problems will be solved: the increasing organic waste production and the lack of nutrients.

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Project Details

Cat: Food Industry
ID: I1-002
REGION: Marche