Project Description

Italian Startup focused on Telehealth to save 5% of worldwide people from death

New technologies and artificial intelligence, certainly contained in size, fast in performance and designed to be customized, but above all able to predict critical events on time: This is what the Company is focused on, already reaching excellent outcomes.

About the Company

Born as a University spin-off, the Company is an innovative startup built by a multidisciplinary team, which has developed and markets a medical device following a research project, based on telemedicine and medical diagnostics research.
The device developed allows for the early detection of exacerbations of Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) and it is easy for patients to use. By monitoring parameters such as oxygen saturation in blood and heart rate, the device can predict and manage exacerbations of the disease.
COPD is the third leading cause of death worldwide with an estimated prevalence of 5% (480 million people worldwide). COPD is often aggravated by acute episodes which are the leading cause of hospitalization and death.
The Company developed an innovative CE certified medical device consisting of a BT pulse oximeter and a Smartphone APP, based on an Artificial Intelligence predictive algorithm, which allows patients to monitor their state of health every day and detect the onset of recrudescence and other critical clinical situations before symptoms appear with an accuracy rate of 98.4%. Applicable to COPD, COVID-19 patients and scalable to other respiratory and non-respiratory diseases involving the respiratory and cardiac function of patients.

About the Market

Defined by the WHO as a global public health problem, COPD is a disease with population prevalence estimates of 5%:
– 2.6 million sick people in Italy
– 29 million sick people in Europe
Globally there are 480 million sick people with $ 2.1 trillion in related economic costs (between health care and costs related to the loss of work).
The reference market is Mobile Health, which refers to the use of mobile communication technologies to provide general health care assistance remotely and also for specific treatment, prevention, education and clinical decision support.
The big five countries that make up the EU M-Health market have growth rates close to or above 20%. The total market for M-Health in the Big Five is expected to grow from $ 1,037.5 million in 2015 to $ 2,889.6 million in 2020 growing at a CAGR (compound annual growth rate) of 22.7% between 2015 and 2020.
Early diagnosis of COPD recrudescence is problematic because the patient tends to underestimate the symptoms and therefore comes to the doctor’s attention late. Currently there is no outlined methodology but the scientific need has emerged to identify parameters capable of indicating to the doctor the best time to intervene.
The possibility of an Expert System for Early Diagnosis of COPD recrudescence has so far had no real practical application, neither in Italy nor abroad. Company device is the first APP able to prevent the recrudescence of COPD protected by IP with unique characteristics on the market.

About the Investment

The device will be sold in the reference segments through e-commerce (B2C), pharmacy (about 19 thousand in Italy – B2B2C), and hospital (386 pneumology facilities in Italy – B2B) channels.
Development strategies:
2021 development of the e-commerce platform
2022 strengthening in the Italian market
2023/24 expansion in UK, Spain and Germany

B2C revenue model
Based on a Subscription Model: users pay a € 200 annual subscription (for the first year) and € 85 from the second year onward.
This generates an important pool of new users that increases year after year by adding new users to those of the previous year and so on.

B2B2C revenue model
Pharmacies: it is still a subscription model but made through a pharmacy (with a discount of 30% – which will be the Pharmacy fee).

B2B revenue model
The company offers hospitals a tool to telemonitoring their patients consisting of a kit (APP and Pulse oximeter) and Dashboard (Cloud software) for clinical staff that will allow accessing data of all patients using the Kit. The revenue model is always a Subscription Model, but made by Hospitals: € 200 first year and € 85 subsequent years for the Kit, € 400 per patient/year for the Dashboard.
An agreement is already signed with the Italian Association of Hospital Pulmonologists – Italian Thoracic Society (AIPO-ITS) for the promotion, dissemination and use of Company Kit in the management of COPD patients towards the NHS, and the engagement of the Italian Pharmacies Association for the distribution of the kit through members. The agreement with the most important Italian scientific society for respiratory diseases provides for joint communication and promotion strategies and product scalability in other respiratory diseases including asthma.

The scenario contemplates an exit between 3 and 5 years after the investment.

Investment in pinches

Legal Form Limited Company
Shareholders 4
Company estimated value € 4 MLN
Investment required € 1 MLN
Investment min. tranche € 250,000
Capital increment with share’s transfer with premium Up to 20%

Investment proposal

Amount: EUR 1 MLN in total; it can be made in tranches of EUR 250 K.

Proposed transaction: Capital increment with share’s transfer with premium
Purchase: Related percentage of shares (approximately 20% for EUR 1 MLN investments)

Please note: given the rapid evolution of this company, these values need to be considered only as a guideline.

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Project Details

Cat: IoT, Health, R&D
ID: HT-003
REGION: Trentino-Alto Adige/Südtirol