Project Description

A leading company in fashion and footwear design

The company is located in Puglia, within a Special Economic Zone (ZES) which confers many advantages from a fiscal and bureaucratic procedures point of view.

About the Company

We have briefly indicated the elements on the basis of which the value of the company is determined:
– Reputation and value of the established brand positioned only in PREMIUM customers and now known in the best International Showrooms
– Well-activated Internationalization Process: the company is present in various Showrooms abroad and an increase is planned starting from participation in various trade fairs
– No tax liability
– Only 5 employees as most of the production is outsourced to a group of medium/small craft enterprises (from six to ten, all based in Italy)
– Know-how in the fashion industry as a result of over 30 years of business
– Activation of a new branch of the company in the world of “PET ANIMALS” sector in a great ferment all over the world and growing in double figures every year, especially after the “Covid” pandemic
– Owned factory, free of constraints and mortgages (2,400 sqm)

Investment proposal

The value of the company is estimated at about 5 million euros. 100% of the shares belong to the company’s founder who is willing to sell about 20/25% to an investing partner. The asking price is 1.3 million euros, negotiable.

This investment may also allow the legal representative of a non-EU company to obtain a visa and residence permit for investors whose characteristics and prerogatives are described on this page.

Ask for more

Please inquire for more details and location directly to the Investor Visa Italy’s director:, highlighting the proposal ID number (FD-034); this is a brief description as the hotel is being marketed discreetly but we are willing to share more information with the trustable investor.
We are committed to the highest level of privacy.

Project Details

Cat: Clothing and Fashion Design
ID: FD-034
REGION: Puglia