//Agriculture development in the Mediterranean area
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Project Description

Agriculture development in the Mediterranean area

Proposal Description

Two prestigious universities, an Italian and an Algerian, are working together to improve the agricultural sector of the developing economies of the Mediterranean. In many Countries of this area, agriculture plays a key role both in socio-economic and territorial management. Not only is it involved in the conservation of natural resources but is also a major contributor to climate change, as it is among the main uses of water resources and is one of the factors of deforestation and loss of biodiversity. For this reason, the ability of farmers to employ new technologies and tools for the sustainability of agricultural production plays a decisive role.

Greenhouse production allows the development of intensive crops which are less dependent on climatic conditions, but the use of fertilizers and pesticides in order to increase the productivity can have serious consequences on the environment and on health. The goal of the project is to design, study and implement scientific and technological research and experimental development activities aimed at the diffusion of structures, facilities and innovative technologies at low environmental impact, which can lead to a significant increase in competitiveness and innovation in the primary sector, contributing to greater environmental sustainability of agri-food production.

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Project Details

Cat: Scientific Research
ID: D4-001
REGION: Basilicata

Amount: EUR 1,000,000

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