//City of Utopia: an ancient dream becomes reality
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Project Description

City of Utopia: an ancient dream becomes reality

Proposal Description

This small and suggestive village at the foot of the Lucanian Dolomites was founded in 1714 as a place of residence for the settlers of the Rendina family, who had received the fief and a peerage from Philip IV a century before, on condition that the territory would be repopulated. Thanks to the collaboration of the Collegio Tolomeo of Siena and under the architectural direction of Giovanni Patturelli (a pupil of Vanvitelli and one the designers of the Reggia of Caserta), Teodoro Rendina wanted to build the village according to most up-to-date architectural dictates. Each peasant was assigned one of the houses, built in a chess board structure, and a plot of land to be cultivated in a vineyard or olive grove. However, his dream was much more ambitious, as he intended to create a place where poverty did not exist: the “City of Utopia”.
In 1885 a landslide caused the collapse of the center of the town which, consequently, was abandoned by the inhabitants. After more than a century of this terrible event, the local authorities launched a restoration project for the entire area. The creation of the Archaeological Garden Park to enhance the natural beauty and the incredible cultural and historical heritage of the site will revive, at least in part, the dream of Utopia.

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Project Details

Cat: Cultural and Landscape Heritage
ID: D1-001
REGION: Basilicata

Amount: EUR 1,000,000 to EUR 4,000,000

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