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Invest in Italy

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Buy an Italian farm or a company with its property assets

The Italian law (Article 26 Consolidated Law on Immigration) permits also the issue of entry visas for “self-employment – business owner” for non-EU entrepreneurs willing to build their own business in Italy. This entry visa and the related residence permit are different from the visa for investors and may be issued under the following conditions:

  1. the visa is issued in the context of the annual installments set by the Government. Each year, the Government determines the number of foreign entrepreneurs allowed to enter Italy. For 2018 the maximum number is set at 2,400 visas;
  2. a visa may be issued only if the alien demonstrates to have run the business activity on a continuous basis in his home country. Entrepreneurs may start their new business in Italy even in sectors other than their own. Managers, professionals, and employees can’t apply for this visa;
  3. the business owner must submit an investment plan (business plan) including the use of own-resources of at least EUR 500,000 and the creation of at least three new job positions.

The Entrepreneur, with the help of Jusweb, must provide:

  • the Entry visa application form;
  • a recent passport-size photograph;
  • a valid travel document whose expiry date is three months longer than that of the visa requested;
  • proof of suitable accommodation in the form of one of the following documents: agreement for the purchase or rental of a building; statement made in accordance with articles 2 and 4 of Law no. 15 of 4th January 1968; statement made in accordance with the same law by an Italian or foreign national legally residing in Italy, confirming that they have made available to the visa applicant suitable accommodation that complies with the minimum standards laid down in the relevant regional law regarding public housing accommodation;
  • a Certificate of an abstract recognition of the resources necessary for the business, trade or craft activity to be undertaken, issued by the relevant Chamber of Commerce for the area where the activity shall take place;
  • sufficient funds available in Italy to guarantee the resources as per the Certificate;
  • the proof of the availability of an income relating to the previous financial year which must be higher than the minimum level required by law for the exemption from health care contribution (€ 8,263.31), already acquired in the country of residence;
  • the authorization (nulla osta) from the relevant Questura.

Investor visa / self-employment – business owner visa: main differences

The investor visa can be issued to any person who wishes to invest sums of not less than one million euros in the capital of an Italian company (or five hundred thousand euros in the case of innovative startup) and become a shareholder.

The self-employment – business owner visa can only be issued to those who are already entrepreneurs abroad and intend to start their own business in Italy.

In both cases, by moving your fiscal residence to Italy it is possible to obtain a very favorable tax break for a fifteen years long period.

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