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Theodoli Castle, which overlooks the town of Ciciliano and the surrounding valleys, is protected by high walls and towers. It is located only 20 minutes east of Rome and 10 minutes from Tivoli. The many historical events of which it was the protagonist left their marks. Great signs like the different shape of the towers, small signs like the graffiti left by those who were locked up in their prisons, still strongly visible. A ‘Sublacense’ register from the year 1000 shows the news of the donation of the Castello di Ciciliano to the Abbey of Subiaco.

The origin of the castle has been said to reach back to the Arabs at the river Aniene in 916 A.D. Coming from Sicily, they gave the place name of Sicilianum, which later became Ciciliano. In the following centuries many noble families, like the Colonna, Farnese, Borgia, Carafa, Massimo, and Theodoli inhabited the castle. In 1576 the territory, the castle, the town of Ciciliano and the properties of Pisoniano and San Vito Romano were taken over by Mons. Gerolamo Theodoli, Bishop of Cadiz. The castle still belongs to the Marchese Marco Theodoli and his sons.

The castle is square, with 4 bastions at the corners (a circular one on the southern corner added in the XV century, and the three other with a quadrangular shape). It has an entry consisting of 2 symmetrical ramps with exedra, the result of transformations carried out in the early decades of the twentieth century. At the access level, between the 2 ramps, there is a room used as a shed. From the same period are the transformations carried out at the top level, in particular, the realization of the flat roof following the removal of the pitched roof of the Guelph battlements wanted by the architect Gerolamo Theodoli.

The noble floor leads to 2 small but amazing hanging gardens, along the wall of which there are the walkways. Partly in more than good condition and partly to complete the renovation, the castle is perfect for the construction of a private residence of absolute value or the construction of a site for a foundation. It is also suitable for the construction of a boutique hotel and events.