Article 19 of the simplification decree provides that for tax periods after 2018 the tax credit granted to hotels and agritourism businesses for building renovation, eliminating architectural barriers, increasing energy efficiency, earthquake-proofing and the purchase of furniture and large electrical appliances aimed at furnishing is recognized provided that at least one of the interventions listed above is carried out.

Previously, already a series of facilitating interventions had been regulated.

The article 10 of the law decree n. 83 of 2014 had foreseen a tax credit to the hotel facilities in the amount of 30 percent of the expenses incurred up to a maximum of 200,000 euros for building renovations or for the elimination of architectural barriers and increase of energy efficiency, ie for the types of expenditure referred to in paragraph 7 of this article, according to the procedures provided therein.

The tax credit regime has been extended for the 2017 and 2018 tax periods, to the extent of 65 percent, as required by paragraph 4 of art. 1 of the budget law for 2017: the only condition laid down is the nature of the interventions, i.e. refers both to those listed in Article 10 above, and to those contained in paragraph 2 of Article 1 which includes restructuring measures energy of the common parts of buildings, interventions against the seismic risk and also related to the purchase of furniture and home appliances aimed at furnishing.

Among the beneficiaries of the tax credit (paragraph 4, article 1) are also recognized the structures that carry out agritourism activities (ex Law 20.2.2006 No. 96 and related regional provisions), the thermal establishments as well as the construction of thermal pools and for the acquisition of equipment and equipment necessary for the conduct of the spa activities.

Source: Cassa depositi e prestiti S.p.A