Genoa will be once again a point of the major hub for the international yachting market. The 58th Genoa International Boat Show is scheduled to regularly take place in the city from 20 to 25 September. Such a commitment shows how the tragic events concerning the Morandi Bridge have not stopped the city from striving to be the Mediterranean’s leading port, helping the city and the organizers in growing even closer. All the authorities, including the mayor of Genoa and the president of the Liguria region, present at the presentation of Ucina Confindustria Nautica’s event have stressed how the success of the exhibition will also be the mirror of the recovery after such a difficult period.

The global, European and Italian economic context in which the Show will take place continues to be positive, as shown by the study by Ucina, which shows a 15.4% increase in the domestic market for the sector. In addition to the major companies on the world market, which were already present at the last edition and have all confirmed their presence, there will be 62 new participants, of which more than half are foreign, for 948 exhibitors.

“In view of the 2018 edition of the Genoa International Boat Show, ITA, by means of the Extraordinary Made in Italy Promotion Plan, launched by the Ministry for Economic Development, and UCINA organised an international press and operator tour – stated Carla Demaria, UCINA’s President. “As confirmation of the global significance of the event, there will be 73 journalists from the world’s most important newspapers and 87 foreign buyers from 27 countries. Already, more than 800 events have been scheduled involving 1648 Italian operators”.

The highly international focus of the sector, which contributes to the trade balance for 9%, is very clear to ITA Director General, Piergiorgio Borgogelli. He stressed how the Show is “alive” throughout the year, thanks to its participation in the main foreign fairs. The show will not only be a huge exhibition space for the entire nautical sector but also a global forum for commercial, technical and institutional discussions, including six days of workshops and conferences. The Show will also bring its visitors across the city during the GenovaInBlue events. welcomes any non-EU entrepreneur willing to invest in Italy and its companies offering both the best selection of investment opportunities and the professional expertise for managing all the procedures to request a special entry visa for investors.

Source: Salone Nautico di Genova