New investment opportunities in the tourism sector are opening up in Italy: since March 21st, condo hotels will become part of the Italian tourism offering. On this date, in fact, the decree regulating this new segment of the sector will enter into force. Such a development will not only affect local entrepreneurs but will also offer significant opportunities for foreign investors interested in Italian tourism.

Thanks to condo hotels, foreign investors keen to explore innovative ways to engage with the tourist and real estate sectors will have a novel way to do so. Hotels’ offering will not be limited to their standard use: it will permit owners to diversify their income, granting an alternative source coming from a whole other market segment. This new formula allows hoteliers to sell their customers individual condominium units in hotels and then use them as a residence or, when not doing so, dedicate it again to the original accommodation. For both the hotel’s owner and the individual buying a residential unit, condo hotels combine the advantages of a real estate investment with the ones of a hotel. The maximum extension of the apartments available for sale must not exceed 40% of that of the rooms; however, they do not necessarily have to belong to the same structure, as long as they are within 200 meters from the reception.

Condo hotels are an already established reality in the United States: Florida, in particular, is the state with the highest number of condo hotel. Following the example of their American counterparts, mainly located in prestigious and highly touristic areas, Italian condo hotels will breathe new life into Italian hotel industry. Individuals will regard this solution both an opportunity to make money and a new form of short-term residence and holiday sojourn; for their part, hoteliers will be able, by combining the privacy of a house to the services of a hotel, to tap into that segment of clientele that until now has preferred non-hotel accommodation.

Condo hotels are a significant investment opportunity for those interested in entering the high-end hospitality industry and, at the same time, willing to expand their investment portfolio in real estate through a single operation. has recently started offering in its catalogue ideal offers for entrepreneurs willing to invest in this new sector. Five-star and four-star hotels in Tuscany (Livorno, Pisa, Viareggio) are for available to investors willing to purchase the entire stock capital of the companies which own them.