Not just Spain, Portugal, Malta, Cyprus or Greece; now in 2018 Italy has come into the global picture offering a package of proposals to investors and non-EU patrons to encourage investments in Italian companies or to contribute to the conservation of the greatest historical and artistic heritage in the world.

These measures have been made effective by law as of December 16, 2017, providing the issue of a special entry visa and a two-year residence permit for investors. Furthermore, those persons who decide to establish fiscal residence in Italy can take advantage of the interesting tax terms which allow for a flat tax based on income generated abroad for 15 years.

This Government action is backed by the Investor Visa Italy initiative promoted by Jusweb, the publisher of the technical/legal journal

The English-language magazine Investor Visa Italy and this website ( – with info also in Arabic, Chinese, Russian, French, Spanish, Japanese – provides a window where companies and institutions looking for investors or patrons can direct their requests towards non-EU markets, while investors will be able to count on a professional network created by Jusweb to receive assistance in the management of application procedures for entry visas, residence permits, and tax practices.

There are already fifteen companies and institutions which have joined in this initiative announcing investment proposals. The excellence of Italy is promoted with articles and interviews which can be found on the site and in the magazine. These cover various aspects such as economic trends, Italian quality, technical and administrative information and more. This information is essential in evaluating investment opportunities and in making the choice to live in our country.