The new Italian Budget Law shall reinstate a 180 million EUR for the restoration of historical private buildings. The set of cultural amendments shall include contributions supporting restoration and preservation of private buildings of historical and artistic value. State’s contribution will not be under the 50% of the overall cost of each intervention.

Formerly abolished by the Monti government, the law descends from the idea that if State is putting constraints on the heritage on a hand, on the other it cannot let it be neglected; therefore the provision is in favor of recovery interventions that will preserve the buildings in a good status.
To be eligible to obtain the funds, the restoration project shall be approved only after a specific assessment carried out by the local Superintendence.

So far, the interventions concern a huge variety of buildings: about 4,220 villas in Veneto, several castles in Sicily, 18th-century manors in Piedmont, farms in Alto Adige and Apulia, villas in Tuscany etc.

Hopefully, the intervention will help re-launching the territory, boosting tourism through the re-discoveries of the stories, once forgotten, that these buildings are still telling.