///Rome, Minister Calenda presented the platform to apply for an entry visa for investors.

Rome, Minister Calenda presented the platform to apply for an entry visa for investors.

The Ministry for Economic Development presented on December 14 the new frontier of investing in Italy. Minister Calenda introduced to the public the latest initiative aimed at enhancing Italian attraction for foreign investors. According to the most recent 2017 Budget law, a different kind of visa is finally available to non-Schengen foreign citizens whose intention is to invest their money in the country and its companies. The visa is also at international donors’ disposal if they intend to fund a cultural, scientific or educational endeavour.

“We can hope that the adoption of this novel visa program will mark a new beginning for investments in Italy,” said Minister Calenda. In addition to the Minister, Stefano Firpo (Ministry of Economic Development), Luigi Vignali (Ministry of Foreign Affairs) and Alessandro Franzé (Ministry of Interior) were also present. Illustrating the platform’s inner workings, the speakers emphasized the speed, transparency, and effectiveness of the service: foreign citizens will be able to obtain a two-year residence permit in a very short time, with minimal hassle, and in close contact government institutions. Clearly, this will be a vital tool to stimulate investment, often discouraged by an unfriendly bureaucracy. It is equally important to reach out to those investors, to make them aware of this opportunity and to connect them with Italian firms and civil society, possibly through cooperation with foreign embassies and consulates.

With a few online steps, applicants will be able to speed up significantly the completion of the procedures required to start investing in Italy. This certainly does not mean lack of control: as has been reiterated by the officials of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Interior, the internationalization of the country productive apparatus must go hand in hand with the preservation of Italian national security. The evaluation carried out by the Inter-ministerial Committee will thus take into account not only economic aspects but also possible concerns regarding the fiscal and legal positions of the investor. These checks are imperative when we take into account the sensitive nature of the immigration debate in the Italian political discourse.

When Investor Visa for Italy will reach full capacity, smoothing out the inevitable imperfections and refining the process towards greater efficiency, perfecting it eventually, Italy will engage international markets in a position of newfound strength.

Investors who want to make an investment in Italy will have direct access to the platform to request an entry visa, or they can rely on the service of InvestorVisa.it that can help them find an investment or a donation and take care of the procedures for issuing an entry visa.

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