The Neapolitan art of pizza twirling has been declared UNESCO heritage. During the meeting at Jeju Island, in South Corea, last Thursday, UNESCO cultural body has unanimously declared the job of ‘pizzaiuolo‘, or pizza-maker, part of the UNESCO’s Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity.

The profession was born in Naples, the proper cradle of pizza. Here in 1889 was presented for the first time a ‘margherita‘, called so after Queen Margherita of the House Savoy. Soon, the Neapolitan pizza makers developed a unique technique for rolling out the dough. They spin and twirl the pizza dough in the air using only their hands. The movement of hurling the dough makes it thin and light because of oxygenation which occurs during the process. This technique made Neapolitans ‘pizzaiuoli‘ famous all over the world and today still it remains unchanged.

The city of Naples gains the UNESCO recognition after having bid for world heritage status for months. The petition created in support of the bid collected two million signatures.

“A historic award, – commented Luigi De Magistris, Mayor of Naples. – Thank you to the Neapolitan pizzaiuoli who live and work in Naples as well as in the rest of the world, and thanks to those who signed the petition. This is the sign of the power of Naples which comes from its art, culture, traditions, roots, creativity, fantasy. A great victory for Naples and Neapolitan pizza”.