///Investor Visa Italy conference at Foreign Press Association in Italy.

Investor Visa Italy conference at Foreign Press Association in Italy.

The conference The new measures to attract foreign investments in Italy: strategies, regulations, procedures, and points of view was held yesterday at the Foreign Press Association in Italy, Rome. The event was organized by Investor Visa Italy in collaboration with the Union of Honorary Consuls in Italy (UCOI).

The President of the Association, Philip Willan, opened the conference underlining how a negative impression of a country can affect the business world. “There’s a lot more in Italy: endless possibilities, an extraordinary culture, and creative people, full of ideas. We need to combine these talents with a favorable environment and with the work of the public administration. When all the pieces will be in the right place, Italy will be unbeatable”.

Minister Lener: “We must correct the perception of Italy”

“The perception deficit is largely due to Italians, who see themselves worse than they are seen abroad. There is a lot to do to correct this self-perception” explained Minister Nicola Lener who later exposed the Government policies and measures for internationalization in which diplomacy plays a crucial role. “Diplomacy holds three main roles: creating and maintaining contacts with foreign investors (as well as building a structure that relates to the subjects responsible for international rankings), presenting a more up-to-date image of Italy, and fortifying our network (which currently has 126 embassies, 80 consulates, 79 ICE offices and 9 ICE desks)”.

Diplomacy, Government, but also Chambers of Commerce are ready to put themselves at the service of Italian companies in search of investments or funds. This is the conclusion common to the other speakers: Daniele Verga, President of the UCOI, underlined the potential and the importance of the Honorary Consul in fostering relations with foreign countries, while Leonardo Simonelli, former President of Assocamere Estero and President of the Italian Chamber of Commerce and Industry for the United Kingdom, defined the Chambers of Commerce as “an extraordinary resource for Italy” and called for collaboration with the ministerial structures. The speeches were closed by Dora Di Francesco, Service Director II – National and Community Strategic Planning, Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Activities, and Tourism. Di Francesco explained the work of the Ministry, defined by Minister Franceschini: “the largest economic dicastery in the country”.

Investor Visa Italy conference at Foreign Press Association in Italy

The second part of the event was dedicated to a roundtable on the opportunities, requirements, and procedures of the new entry visa and residence permit for investors, moderated by Fabio Tamburini, Deputy Director Ansa.
From the speeches by Mattia Corbetta (MISE), Irene Tittoni and Enrica Patti (Ministry of the Interior) and Paola Bartoli (Revenue Agency), comes a clear message to non-EU investors: very quick inquiries, zero files in consulate and police station, attractive tax treatment, but also the legal certainty of transactions guaranteed by Italian notaries, as explained by Valentina Rubertelli, councilor of the National Council of Notaries.

Investor Visa Italy conference at Foreign Press Association in Italy

At the end of the conference, the first issue of Investor Visa Italy was presented. The magazine collects points of view of important experts and the first investment and donation opportunities selected by Jusweb’s InvestorVisa service. About twenty proposals in all, an example of Italian creativity and entrepreneurship that Jusweb also intends to spread abroad.

Read the magazine online
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