///Italian investor visa: the operating manual has been approved, online application starting Dec 14.

Italian investor visa: the operating manual has been approved, online application starting Dec 14.

For most people, speaking about visas represents a bureaucratic obstacle to international mobility. In reality, even if the visa system is responsible for controlling and filtering the entry of foreign citizens in Italy (assessed in accordance with security and labour market requirements), more and more often the visa policy is a remarkable instrument which supports our economy, having an impact of approximately Euro 34 billion.

This is what emerged from the statements made by Luigi Maria Vignali, General Director for Italians Abroad and Immigration Policies of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, who spoke at the conference “La politica dei visti d’ingresso al servizio del Sistema Italia” (Visa policy at the service of the Italy System) on 22 November 2017 at Palazzo della Farnesina (Rome).

The main topic of the conference was the new Investor Visa, which will be operational starting from December 14th, and integrates the other visa types that impact directly (startup visas and self-employment visas) or indirectly (business visas and tourism visas) on the Italian economic system.

The characteristics and the procedures of the new Investor Visa were explained by technicians from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Min. Plen. Vincenzo De Luca) Ministry of Economic Development (Ms. Benedetta Francesconi), and Ministry of Internal Affairs (Ms. Irene Tittoni), in addition to a representative of Confindustria (Ms. Camilla Cionini Visani). Among the most interesting features pointed out:
1. Visa applications shall be evaluated by a special Committee at the Ministry of Economic Development;
2. Applications shall be submitted online, using the dedicated platform;
3. Each member of the Committee shall express the assessment of competence online;
4. Upon approval of the Committee, the Consulate shall issue a visa within 48 hrs;
5. The visa shall have a validity of 2 years;
6. Before coming to Italy, the applicant shall book an appointment at the police headquarters online. By doing so, the investor applies for a residence permit without having to queue;
7. The visa and the receipt issued by the police headquarters shall allow the applicant to enter Italy and move in the Schengen area until a residence permit has been issued;
8. The residence permit shall be issued within 30 days, so as to allow the investor to conclude the investment within 90 days after entering in Italy.

As underlined by Vignali and De Luca, the investor visa shall become an instrument to attract human resources, capital, and innovation, and also strengthen the results of the economic diplomacy. In any case, the expected results shall also depend on the collaboration with the entrepreneurial, professional and financial world and as well as with the professional associations.

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