Armando Varricchio, the Italian Ambassador to the United States led the re-opening of the Italian Honorary Consulate in Hartford, Connecticut. The ceremony and the swearing-in of the new Honorary Consul Quintino Cianfaglione were held last Tuesday.

“In many ways, Connecticut represents a perfect example of the excellent ties between the United States and Italy based on shared values and common interests, embedded in a deeply rooted belief in freedom and democracy,” said Varricchio, former Italian Ambassador in Belgrad and Counselor of the Italian Prime Minister. The Ambassador underlined also the strength of the economic bonds between Italian companies and Connecticut, which offers a suitable environment for Italian investors in almost any sector.

“Above all, however, Italy and Connecticut share a strong belief in education, ingenuity and in the courage of bold and revolutionary ideas that have the power to change the world”.

Connecticut is one of American States where the Italian population and the 2nd and 3rd generation immigrants reach the highest rate. Still today the city of Hartford is home to a well-rooted Italo-American community. The University of Connecticut was also the first college to offer a doctorate in Italian-American history in the United States.

The new Honorary Consul ensured that promoting the Italian language, history, and culture will be a priority of the consulate, in addition to providing services for expats.

Source: The Hartford Courant