///Pinocchio goes to Japan: The play by Teresa Ludovico will be on tour in 2018

Pinocchio goes to Japan: The play by Teresa Ludovico will be on tour in 2018

Following the success of the debut at Za Koenji Public Theatre in Tokyo on Sept 2nd, the play Pinocchio by the Apulian director Teresa Ludovico (scenography by Luca Ruzza) gets a national tour and replicas planned for ten years.

This adaptation from the masterpiece by Collodi has been billed the best show for 2017 by the prestigious magazine Theatre. Ms. Ludovico, which is also President of the Teatro Kismet association from Bari, started operating in Japan 16 years ago when she enchanted the Japanese public bringing to the stage another European classic tale for children, The Beauty and the Beast.

The star of the show is the dancer Aki Tsujita, graduated from Obirin University, who plays Pinocchio. Among the other members of the cast: Keitoku Takata, Konta, Yoko Mori, Yuta Takahashi, Masayuki Tanaka, Ikumi Kurosu.

Since its very first appearance in the bookstores, Pinocchio fascinated Japanese authors and directors such as Ryuichi Sugimoto. Some of the most known adaptations in comics are the one by the-so called God of manga Osamu Tezuka’s (inspired by Walt Disney’s animated film), and the recent Pinocchio. The iron puppet by Tomonori Taniguchi (2011).

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