///Italy gains the pole position for quickness and legal guarantees

Italy gains the pole position for quickness and legal guarantees

Italian notaries boost the competitiveness of Italy. This is the feature confirmed by the data of the Doing Business 2018 report, which underlined the merits of the Italian notaries in making the establishment of a company simpler, quicker, and safer (thanks to the electronic data transfer to the Registro Imprese archive).

The report, analyzed by the Italian National Council of Notaries, points out that, since 2013, Italy gained 24 positions in the “Starting a Business” chart. In addition to the quantitative aspects, since 2015 the Doing Business started to measure the final score taking into consideration also the quality of the economic infrastructure, and the legal security, in accordance with the recommendations of the main international organizations (OCSE, GAFI, IMF, and the World Bank itself). The “Registering Property” indicator, which influences the final score, now takes into account the controls held by notaries and the legal system quality.

Taking into account the purely qualitative aspect of real estate transfers, Italy (with a score of 26.5 points on 30, far above Belgium 22.5 Germany 22, Spain 22.5 and Switzerland 23.5 and to the OECD 22.7 average of high-income countries) is still confirmed this year in the highest part of world rank. As far as the corporate constitution is concerned, Italy – from 2013 onwards – has earned about 24 positions and currently has a much better (even as absolute rank) DTF value than that of Switzerland, Spain, and Germany.

The absolute rank of the Registering Property indicator improves further position (23 percent) and confirms the top rankings (with a 0.01 percentage point improvement in the DTF standard index that describes the distance from the top performance). The Starting a Business indicator also shows a substantial stability (DTF improvement of 0.02 percentage points) in a ranking that takes a maturity stage in the upper part and where very small variations in the sub-indicators can lead to significant absolute variations in rank It is of little importance if you consider the values of standardization indices (DTFs).
These results confirm the stability of the Italian economy which now can offer even more guarantees in terms of safety to the national and foreign investors interested in investing in Italy.

Source: Appunti / Doing Business e Notariato by Antonio Cappiello, National Notary Council, Studies and International Relations

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