///It is the right time to invest in Italy

It is the right time to invest in Italy

Advice, opportunities, and assistance for investors with InvestorVisa.it

Investing in Italy has been made easier for foreign investors. Not only productive assets are involved (i.e. the share capital of an Italian company), but also philanthropic gifts to help in protecting and enhancing the cultural and natural heritage of the Bel Paese. This is what the Italian Budget Law 2017 states with a Ministerial Order signed on 07/21 by the Ministers Alfano (Foreign Affairs and Cooperation), Minniti (Interior) and Calenda (Economic Development).

What are the advantages? The on-EU citizen who invests at least million euros in the share capital of an Italian company (five hundred thousand euros in an innovative start up), or the patron who makes a donation of at least one million euros for projects and initiatives of public interest, will be eligible for an entry visa and residence permit both valid for traveling in all the Countries of the Schengen Area, even though some restrictions may be applied. Moreover, natural persons who move their fiscal residence to Italy can opt for a flat tax rate of EUR 100K/year, on income earned abroad. The treatment is valid for a fifteen years long period, while their familiars shall pay 25k/year regardless of their income. The procedures in obtaining the visa and the residence permit will take less than 30 days.

On this basis, we’re glad to present Investorvisa.it, a service which selects the best investment and donation opportunities in Italy and provides assistance to investors and patrons, from the first contact with the Italian subject to the visa and residence permit application procedures. The team is made up of about twenty professionals, including notaries, lawyers, accountants, interpreters, and journalists. The website is in English, but it has also information sections in Arabic, Chinese, French, Japanese, Russian and Spanish.

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  1. Miron November 18, 2017 at 8:18 am - Reply

    Italy is a wonderful country to live in but not to do business.
    High beaurocracy, highest taxes in Europe, highest costs of energy and cars insurance, plates in the
    Extremely high bank commissions and costs, fiscal stamps on any govt. petition form, protected businesses and the list can go on and on.

    • Editorial Staff December 1, 2017 at 9:16 am - Reply

      I would like to thank you for your observation because it gives us the opportunity to clarify/explain some of the false myths about Italy.
      In the last report of the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) Italy is in the 5th place for the average tax wedge for a single person (47.8%), behind Belgium (54%), Germany (49,4%), Hungary (48,2%) and France (48,1%). As you can see Italy not only doesn’t have the highest taxes in Europe, but the report doesn’t show the services that a citizen could have in exchange for such tax wedges, such as free healthcare or schools.
      The same report also shows that Italy is in 8th place for the Taxes for the energy use (5.02 € for Gigajoule). In this case, the data are quite old (2012), but this can only be a proof of how the Energy policy in Italy is changing. In fact, even if the importation of energy from other countries is still stable, the Italian government in the last 3 years has approved a lot of incentives for greener energy, such as solar panels, last generation frames and more, that reduces the cost of the energy and also give the opportunity of a favorable tax break.
      About the bank commission and high cost, it’s true that the first one is expensive for the European standard, but the interest rate is slowly decreasing in the last years. From an investor perspective, the cost of a financing is definitely more crucial than the cost of the bank commissions.
      It’s also not completely true that every public or government petition form needs a fiscal stamp (for example, it didn’t apply if the amount in a document is below € 77.47), and for the further and more detailed information, you can read the DPR 642/72.

      As for the bureaucracy, we partially agree with you. In the past, every kind of procedure required quite a long time, especially for the new investment. But in the last 2 years, the government has decided to simplify all the procedure about investment, especially the ones made from an international investor. As you can read in this article https://www.investorvisa.it/2017/11/13/italy-quickness-and-legal-guarantees/, from 2013 Italy gained 24 positions in the “Starting a Business” chart, which count factors like quality of the economic infrastructure and the legal security, in accordance with the recommendations of the main international organizations (OCSE, GAFI, IMF, and the World Bank itself).
      Another example of this change is the procedure for the new “entry visa for investors” on which our service InvestorVisa is built. As explained by the technicians of the Farnesina, (Min. Plan. Vincenzo De Luca), Il Ministero dell’economia (Mrs. Benedetta Francesconi), Ministero dell’interno (Mrs. Irene Tittoni) and Confindustria (Mrs Camilla Cionini Visani), the procedure will require only few steps, most of them using an online platform (so no papers, no long waiting in the lane, and no fiscal stamps). In order to obtain the “entry visa for investors” the entrepreneur will have to: 1) submit all the documents to the Committee of the Ministero dello sviluppo economico (the documents need to be uploaded using an online platform); 2) every member of the committee express his own valuation on the project of investment; 3) if the committee express a positive opinion, the Consulate will grant to the entrepreneur the visa in the next 48 hours; 4) before entering in Italy, the entrepreneur will arrange an appointment in the Questura (using an online form). Once in Italy, the entrepreneur will submit his request for the residence permit 5) the residence permit will be granted to the entrepreneur within 30 days.

      To be honest, I think there is a lot of misconception about Italy and its economy, especially because in the past, and it’s undeniable, we sure made mistakes. But in the last five years, Italy is changing, and right now we truly believe it is a land of opportunity for whom will be able to catch them.

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