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Investing in Italy has been made easier for foreign investors. Not only productive assets are involved (i.e. the share capital of an Italian company), but also philanthropic gifts to help in protecting and enhancing the cultural and natural heritage of the Bel Paese. This is what the Italian Budget Law 2017 states with a Ministerial Order signed on 07/21 by the Ministers Alfano (Foreign Affairs and Cooperation), Minniti (Interior) and Calenda (Economic Development).

What are the advantages? The on-EU citizen who invests at least million euros in the share capital of an Italian company (five hundred thousand euros in an innovative start-up), or the patron who makes a donation of at least one million euros for projects and initiatives of public interest, will be eligible for an entry visa and residence permit both valid for traveling in all the countries of the Schengen Area, even though some restrictions may be applied. Moreover, natural persons who move their fiscal residence to Italy can opt for a flat tax rate of EUR 100K/year, on income earned abroad. The treatment is valid for a fifteen years-long period, while their familiars shall pay 25k/year regardless of their income. The procedures in obtaining the visa and the residence permit will take less than 30 days.

On this basis, we’re glad to present, a service that selects the best investment and donation opportunities in Italy and provides assistance to investors and patrons, from the first contact with the Italian subject to the visa and residence permit application procedures. The team is made up of about twenty professionals, including notaries, lawyers, accountants, interpreters, and journalists. The website is in English, but it has also information sections in Arabic, Chinese, French, Japanese, Russian and Spanish.

Featured image: via NASA.