///Agri-food: Italy’s leadership in new products development

Agri-food: Italy’s leadership in new products development

Food consumption has changed. The “old food” yields to a new kind of products: sugar-free, nitrate-free, polyphosphates-free, unpreserved, fresher, healthier, eco-friendly.

Italy adapted well to the trend and is increasingly investing in innovation. Strengthened by the age-old gastronomic tradition, only the last year the Italian companies presented more than 1,600 new products (most of which were organic or vegan) to some of the most important fairs of the sector (CibusMacfrut).

For the first time in five years, the Italian families’ food consumption has increased (+2.5%  compared to last year, according to Ismea-Nielsen). As well as by the price, the purchasers’ preferences appeared to be influenced by the nutritional value of the products and Made in Italy proved to be up to date with this demand. Dealing with employment, agri-food companies positively contrast the national trend: youth work has increased by +1.3% and business run by young people are more in comparison with other sectors. The main part of the income, however, still comes from export: lasts year Italian companies exported for an overall value of 31,5 billion EUR (+5%) and the trend seems to be confirmed for 2017.

Source: Il Sole 24 Ore

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