///Italy is the 5th favorite travel destination in the world

Italy is the 5th favorite travel destination in the world

The Unicredit Group in collaboration with the Italian Touring Club released the Tourism Report 2017, the third annual report which is part of the Unicredit4tourism project for companies operating in tourism.

As Europe is the first favorite travel destination in the world for international travelers, Italy ranks at 5thplace among the most visited countries in the world, claims the report.  France holds first place with 84,5 million international arrivals, followed by USA (77,5 million), Spain(68,2) and China (56,9). With its 50,7 million, Italy confirms it’s ranking surpassing the sixth destination, Turkey (39,5), by more than ten million arrivals.

2017 was the Year of Sustainable Tourism, but in Italy, this was also the Year of the Boroughs: Italian Government set up a program to promote the small villages and boroughs, investing in Italy’s cultural treasures often unknown to the masses of tourists from abroad.

This is a situation better than before. Both domestic and international tourism had been positively affected by the Expo Campaign, says the report, and the overall income from foreign tourists reached 36,4 billion Euros.

Source: Touring Club

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