///Nautical tourism in Italy

Nautical tourism in Italy

Nautical tourism is growing. However, bureaucracy and regulations on territorial management prevent the exploitation of this resource.

The sector is an important driver of economic development, considering the 157 thousand boat places surveyed by the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport in 2015 and the 7,000 “touched” yachts and super yachts registered each year in our country with average stay of 2.8 days.

The impact of nautical tourism on the GDP of our territory is estimated at about 12.5 million euros: the calculation is based on an average of four people per boat for a permenence in port for 50 days/year, including boat, fuel, services, catering, shopping, and culture expenses.

Those elements should support the sector’s incentive, which, however, faces many of the first hurdles of the state concessions, linked to the construction and management of the marinas.

Thise argument returned to the present after the recent Constitutional Court’s sentence no. 157 of July 6, 2017, which declared illegal the Law no. 31 of 9 May 2016 on concessions issued by Tuscany, highlighting the wide gaps in the current regulatory environment, with the consequence of an urgent acceleration of the regulatory regime for the reallocation of maritime concessions, irrespective of other shipbuilding reforms such as those referred to Shipyards, tourist ports and especially those related to bathing establishments.

These are the hampered reforms for the several and different legal and operational problems that have arisen.

Source: Patrimonio Pubblico Italia

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