///The top pilots of the Italian Air Force at the Marina di Grosseto Air Show 2017

The top pilots of the Italian Air Force at the Marina di Grosseto Air Show 2017

A stunning performance has been given by the Frecce Tricolori (National Aerobatic Demonstration Team), during the Marina di Grosseto Air Show (25th June), the year’s main Air Show in Italy. In thousands took part to the event, held by the seaside, to the see extraordinary figures displayed by the ten aircrafts of the squadron, which is also the world’s largest acrobatics patrol. Among the other participants, more than 38 aircrafts including the F-16 Belgian Air Force contributed to make the show breathtaking. A success which is symptomatic of the importance one of the most loved symbols of the Italian Air Force.

The 313th aerobatic training squadron, a long-standing member of the Air Force family, has the valuable task of promoting the values and the team spirit which characterize all the men and women in the Air Force. The national aerobatic team’s formation flying is a demonstration of team work itself: more than 80 officers, NCOs, and enlisted personnel carry out their work every day with expertise and discipline in order to make the Frecce Tricolori’s spectacular formations possible.
The Frecce Tricolori also spread a message of friendship and solidarity: closely supported by enthusiasts from more than 130 Frecce Tricolori fan clubs (in Italy as well as in Austria, Germany, Australia, Canada, UAE, and Switzerland) the team takes part in numerous charity events.

The MB 339 PAN is the aircraft which has been used by the Frecce Tricolori since 1982. It is a highly reliable and Italian-built aircraft, which boasts a high level of maneuverability (an essential feature for the aerobatic performances). For its characteristics, it’s also used as a training aircraft for new military pilots training at the 61st Wing in Galatina.
The aerobatic displays of the Frecce Tricolori that we see today are the result of team work and an attention to detail that started in 1961. The selection of figures to be performed during the display, however, may differ due to weather conditions or particular restrictions in the area.

Source: The Italian Ministry of Defence – PAN (Pattuglia Acrobatica Nazionale) Press Office

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